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You’re looking for a new challenge in an aspiring Berlin-based tech start-up? We’re constantly looking for talented and motivated people sharing our passion for telecommunication networks and software. Send us your application! Check the link below to find a list of our current open positions.

More than you expect!

23numbers offers an easy solution to get additional phone numbers for your smartphone – no second sim card or device needed. You can use the virtual phone number whenever you don’t want to reveal your real number, for example if you want to register with online and dating services.
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Why is it special?

We integrate our service with mobile carrier networks. In opposite to app-based or over-the-top (OTT) services, the 23numbers system does not require any VoIP client or app; your phone just rings if someone dials a phone-number you received from 23numbers. There’s also no app required to make things work – and no data connection. It works with a plain and simple feature phone as well.

This approach is based on APIs and components from leading manufacturers for telecommunication and carrier equipment like Nokia / Alcatel-Lucent or Ericsson – and of course on our experiences with these systems and – even more important – the technical and sales teams of these globally acting companies.

What is 23numbers?