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23numbers offers innovative service applications for connecting service provider IMS networks to enterprise
 cloud services to offer a totally new user experience for mobile call integration into the daily life and business processes.

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Managing mobile phones for employees, phone numbers for customers, or privacy results in complex handling, administration overhead, and ignored security policies.

The 23numbers service (available in Germany soon) allows to have additional mobile phone numbers for your or your employee’s mobile phone. Using the service allows to easily order and assign mobile numbers for existing mobile phones without changing contracts. Each 23numbers phone number is a real phone number, remains under your control, allows for managing availability through the management interface, and gives a company the flexibility to address the challenge in BYOD scenarios when employees bring and use their private phones for their daily business work.

The Berlin based 23numbers GmbH develops innovative services for IMS network systems, 4G technology, and systems for MNOs, MVNOs or land-line operators. Telcos with IMS infrastructure will be able to monetize their investments in latest VoLTE and All-IP systems by pleasing their customers with new services.

You should consider using 23numbers if you recently asked yourself if your employees or company could …

23numbers is offering and operating B2C services for end-customers, and offers B2B customers to become partners, and address their customer’s needs by offering services like …

  • switch off the phone to avoid distraction, but remain available for important contacts?

  • make sure that customer calls reach the company numbers at all time, but not the private number?

  • get a mobile number just for family and friends while keeping everything else separate using a second number?

  • be able to keep the mobile phone number even if the employee leaves and brought the private phone?

  • Access to land-line phone through mobile phones, or separating business calls from private calls.
  • Black listing services that allow to block nuisance calls and stalking persons
  • White listing services to select phone numbers that could be called, or define rules to grant exclusive access; e.g. to protect children using mobile phones.
  • Mobile call integration into daily business processes like Salesforce or other CRMs

For the user, the service offers a temporary number for protecting their privacy and separating private from business needs. 23numbers allows to get a number, assign it to any mobile phone, and use it as long as it is required, or needs to be re-assigned.

Using webRTC technology, SIP, VoIP, and cellular telephony within modern telecommunication infrastructures, 23numbers addresses the growing demand for UCC by embracing any kind of communication bearer. 23numbers supports telecommunication service providers in developing and offering highly innovative next generation services based on their high availability networks, APIs, and customer needs.

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